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The Gambia is a very small, very poor, West African country, where poverty is the main obstacle to a good and healthy life.

We are a tiny ‘micro-charity’* saving lives by providing one-off grants to cover the costs of essentials, such as emergency medical support and school fees. We feel that in common humanity it is a duty of the relatively rich to support the desperately poor.

G.O.E.S is registered as a charity for gift aid with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (WT 7358). As we grow larger we will also register with The Charity Commission.

*This means we have an income of less than £5000 per year



Gambian Occasional Emergency Support

For every working person in The Gambia, there are as many as ten others, sick, elderly or young, dependant upon him or her. Many people live in great poverty, without clean water, health care, proper sanitation or electricity. Malaria is also a massive problem and kills a quarter of the children and many of the adults. We help save lives by providing essential goods and services.

The advantage of being so small is that we have first-hand knowledge of the people we help and we always ensure that any money we do raise GOES directly and in total to those who need it most, at the right time and for the right reasons.

We need your help to continue the good work. Without the people who have supported us, schools could not be built, wells would not be dug, toilets would not be provided and many children would suffer from malaria because nets were not available to them. Fund raising isn’t the glamorous part of work, but it is essential. Thanks again.

Your whole donation will go to helping a particular person, school or clinic.

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Tom and Joyce Ireland
21, St Monica's Close,
Email: info@gambiagoes.org.uk
Phone: 01925 264926
Blog: gambiagoes.blogstop.com