Tom and Joyce Ireland

We are Tom and Joyce Ireland. We’re both retired and aware of our good fortune, taking education, pensions and health care almost for granted. We wish that our friends in the Gambia were as fortunate.

GOES sprang to life almost un-noticed while Tom was visiting The Gambia as a trustee and volunteer for SHINE-Africa, a charity which provides education for nursery school children in that country. There appeared to be a growing and ever present need for the funding of the essentials of every-day existence, a constant choice between, for example, food and education, health care and paying the rent.  It is one of the poorest places on earth and we feel we have some duty to help in any way we can.

Tom IrelandWe aim to support people in parts of the country that are remote from the tourist areas. While agreeing with the saying “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day – teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”, the truth that some days the fish just doesn’t bite has to be faced. When all the people  of The Gambia are educated, when they have well paid employment, when all health care is available without regard to wealth and when all the wells provide clean water there will no longer be a problem and “GOES” will happily close down. However, that day has not yet dawned. As long as there are poverty-stricken families to support “GOES” will be needed.

Thankfully there are a number of other small charities attempting to provide education and healthcare.  GOES aims at helping the poorest in an emergency – transport to hospitals, cost of medicines, school fees, mosquito nets, repair after floods, or when the breadwinner is too ill to work.

Your whole donation will go to helping a particular person, school or clinic. Nothing will be deducted for any form of “expense”. We pay our own travel and accommodation costs, calling our visits ‘holidays’ and ‘visiting friends’. The reward we have is the friendship of quite a wide circle of people in the Gambia who offer us what hospitality they are able.

If you wish to find out more about this fascinating country and its people we are willing to talk to your school, group or meeting – even just to chat to a few people. We don’t make a charge for giving talks, but neither do we refuse donations to G.O.E.S.! 

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