Gambian school

Education in The Gambia is expensive. Many children’s parents can’t afford to send them to school, or there isn’t even a school for them to go to.

 Usually any spare money goes towards the eldest son, so it is also especially difficult for girls to gain an education because many parents think that they should be home helping with the cooking and looking after the babies.

If a child is lucky enough to go to school there is often no blackboard, no equipment, books or toys, just rows of benches and a teacher.

Gambian school

Because The Gambia does not have a written tradition, their memories for the spoken word are phenomenal, but without sponsors many children aren’t able to obtain even a basic education.

The children are bright and receptive and we try to support their willingness to learn as much as possible.

To Tom, as a retired teacher, this is especially important. It is good to see a young person, especially a girl, progress through elementary school to secondary education simply because we could help buy a uniform or pay (to us) some modest school fees. 

Some students we’ve helped:
Ousman’s college fees have been paid so that he can complete his Teacher Training course – and his family can eat while he studies.
Fatou Cham, a youngster who we supported through college won a special trophy and a thousand dalasi prize. Now in 2011 she's completing her training as a midwife.

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