Mosquito nets

Mosquitoes kill people. In particular they kill children. Sadly, in The Gambia, one in five children dies of Malaria before the age of five. The disease devastates the lives of those who survive it.

We, the tourists, can take medication to prevent the effects of a mosquito bite, and we grumble about the expense of doing so.

The Gambia is a Third world country; that means poor, and poverty conspires with mosquitoes to kill people. So, why not help save a life for the price of a pint?

Save a life for the price of a pint!

Mosquito nets

In the capital city Banjul, you’ll find the Albert Market, where Manneh’s shop is. He and his brother make and sell mosquito nets, in various colours and styles. This is where we buy our nets for G.O.E.S. which means that, not only are we supporting a local trader and his dependants, but also our nets cost less than other charities who might buy ones that are made elsewhere more expensively.

At G.O.E.S. we can afford three nets for the price some charities ask for one, which means we are able to help more people for your money.

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