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A little goes a long way in The Gambia. There are about one and a half million people needing all the same things and facilities that we need – clinics, schools, clean water, electricity and assurance that tomorrow will be better. Without the help of the people who have supported us, schools could not be built, wells would not be dug, toilets would not be provided and many children would suffer from malaria because nets were not available to them. Fund raising isn’t the glamorous part of work, but it is essential. Thanks again.

If you wish to find out more about this fascinating country and its people we are willing to talk to your school, group of meeting – even just to chat to a few people. We don’t make a charge for giving talks, but neither do we refuse donations to G.O.E.S!

Remember, every penny and every pound you give goes entirely to helping people in The Gambia – people who are short of many of those essentials we regard as basics – no money is deducted for administration costs.

send a donation to g.o.e.s

Click here to open and print our Donation Form (PDF format). Fill in your details and donation. Then send it to G.O.E.S. at the address on the right.

Your whole donation will go to helping a particular person, school or clinic. Nothing will be deducted for any form of “expense”.

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